Meet Christina

Christina White

Assistant Coach

A dedicated theatre enthusiast pursuing a BA in ‘Drama and Acting’ at Bristol UWE University. With a fervent love for acting and a vision for teaching drama, I am thrilled to share my journey with In2Drama during an upcoming two-week work experience, encompassing both virtual and in-person sessions in July.

I have participated in my own local youth theatre productions. Noteworthy among these were my roles in productions such as 'The Witches,' 'Room 13'—an immersive Halloween spectacle inspired by the innovative works of 'Punch-drunk'—and 'The Monstrum,' where I took on the central male role of 'Bolek.' This early immersion laid the foundation for a trajectory that saw me awarded a Drama scholarship at my secondary school.

Throughout secondary school, I eagerly embraced every opportunity to contribute to the vibrant theatrical culture. My involvement extended beyond acting, encompassing roles such as choreographer for productions like 'Beauty and the Beast.' Culminating in my appointment as Drama Prefect in my final year, these experiences not only enriched my understanding of theatrical craft but also provided me with a platform to guide and inspire others.

As I embark on this exciting experience with In2Drama, my focus is on honing my acting skills and gaining insights into the art of teaching drama. Beyond the stage, my passion extends to the educational realm, where I aspire to inspire the next generation of theatre enthusiasts.



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