Meet Henry

Henry Hereford


Henry Hereford is an award-winning actor and filmmaker who was born and raised in the UK. Henry worked in casting and on the agency side of the business before training as an actor at the prestigious Drama Studio London.

Henry pursued a successful career as an actor, highlights include the NBC series CROSSBONES starring John Malkovich, Claire Foy and created by Luther scribe Neil Cross, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, the last season of TRUE BLOOD, and most recently he starred in multiple episodes in the hit sketch comedy show WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM for the ABC.

At the same time Henry also began working for Nadia Jordan and her production company, Fluffy Cat productions as a producer. He was inspired by her strong motivation to create your own work and he was part of the award- winning team as both an actor and producer on the feature film "FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE".

Shortly after Henry became a co-producer on TO LESLIE, a feature inspired by true events. A West Texas single mother wins the lottery and squanders it just as fast, leaving behind a world of heartbreak. Years later, with her charm running out and nowhere to go, she fights to rebuild her life and find redemption. They wrapped filming in Los Angeles on 23.12.20. The film stars Andrea Riseborough in the title role and co-staring Academy award winner Alison Janney, Stephen Root and Marc Maron with Michael Morris directing.

Henry is currently in pre-production with Fluffy Cat on their next feature film; WELL BEHAVED WOMEN about a working class mother of four is turned into a local sensation when she lands her own hit radio talk show after a traffic stop altercation.

Fluffy Cat are also in development with the exciting SHE'S STILL GOT GAME. Based on a true story, a broke 55-year-old suburban wife and mom becomes an unlikely hustler when she dusts off her old cue stick and joins a team of tattooed young guys to compete in a high stakes pool tournament in Las Vegas.

In the U.K., Henry has just boarded Indi feature "A Rush of Blood" and he is currently producing SINS OF THE FATHER by award winning writer Trevor Williams in the United Kingdom.

Henry is a member of the Television Academy, SAG-AFTRA and a member of the screen and new media committee at Equity UK.

Henry has worked in the business for more than 20 years in the U.K., Australia and the last 11 years in the United States.

Henry has experienced every aspect of the actor’s life from signing your first agent to firing your third agent, from just missing out on that role you thought was yours to getting offered the role that was perfect for you, from not working for more than a year to creating your own work and being awarded for it and finally from missing out on the role that was written for you to being offered a role you didn’t know existed! You name it I’ve been there, and I am still doing it!



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